Official representative of CIP Imam Khomeini Airport

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The organizer of the 16th NAM Summit, one of the largest events in our beloved history, has provided over 2500 vehicles of all kinds, such as with driver and driver (Benz, Megan, Maxima, Teana, Land Cruz, Santa Fe, Sonata and … and van, minibus, bus, east, forklift, lagger)

Accompanied by a three-day boarding and driving instruction in accordance with the HSE (Occupational Safety) Act, 48 hours of specialized training and general drivers

Supply of mobile fuel, car wash, car rental center without driver

Supply and maintenance of armored vehicles (bulletproof)


ثبت نام انتخابات شورایاری های تهران از امروز آغاز می شود

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اعلام نتایج انتخابات صنف حمل و نقل بار سبک شهری و پیک موتوری تهران

اعلام نتایج انتخابات صنف حمل و نقل بار سبک شهری و پیک موتوری تهران سال ۹۷ . نوبت سوم   “به... read more

Traffic Plan Runs a 15-day Trial / Revision of Traffic Plan Discounts and Quotes

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Renovation of 15,000 worn-out pickups in the city’s fleet was key

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Ceremonial cars

  • Benz
  • Toyota Camery
  • A Class
  • S class
  • Santafe
  • Sonata
  • Morano
  • BMW
  • Prado
  • hais
  • Teana
  • BMW I428
  • Maxima

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Meetings and conferences

  • Provision of vehicles for the Third International Summit of Women Ministers and Member States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
  • Supply of ceremonial vehicles Ceremony of the Nowruz International Celebration of April 90

Office cars

Providing office vehicles and transportation services for government office factories and ministries at all levels, inside and outside the city, and servicing in large and out-of-district Tehran and other parts of the country.

Exclusive Agent GelobeX

Delivery 3-5 days on site
Save at least 25% on shipping costs compared to other fast shipping companies

Javan Seir Valieasr Services

Sincerely congratulates Seir Vali Asr Young Ritual Service Company with the use of specialized, experienced and committed human resources and the use of extensive and appropriate advanced transport resources.

Heavy and semi-heavy equipment supply

Supply of heavy and semi-heavy equipment is a must for large multilateral meetings and international exhibitions.

The official welcome place of the authorities

Officers and guests should be officially welcomed two days before the nominees arrive.


Official representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran Tourism and Freedom Center

International driving license

According to these international certificates valid for a period of one and three years, they can be temporarily driven in the host countries of the international driving license. Obviously, the holder of this international certificate can not ignore or violate the laws and regulations relating to the conditions of residence or the pursuit of a job or profession that is current and applicable in the countries of his travel.

This certificate is also translated into 7 international languages ​​(English-French-Russian-Arabic-German-Spanish-Chinese) in addition to Persian. International driving licenses can not be renewed and after expiry, you must apply for a new certificate.

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